Microsoft faces a bodacious patent

The inventive genius of America never ceases to amaze Blawgletter.  Nor does inventors’ audacity in pursuing patents.

Just today, the Federal Circuit dealt with patents on what Blawgletter imagines consist of sippy cups — the kind that rug rats drop or throw as often as they drink from them.  The court upheld a judgment of non-infringement on one patent and invalidity on a second.  Hakim v. Cannon Avent Group, PLC, No. 05-1398 (Fed. Cir. Feb. 23, 2007).

Please don’t mistake Blawgletter’s tone as suggesting that the inventor in this case didn’t deserve his patents.  Far from it.  But the sippy cup patents do make a nice contrast with Alcatel-Lucent’s MP3 technology patent that just won a $1.52 billion verdict against Microsoft.

Barry Barnett

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