Francesco Paolo LoVecchio.

World class singer Frankie Laine died today at 93.

Who can forget Mr. Laine’s dulcet theme from Rawhide (1959-66) — or the homage to it in The Blues Brothers (1980)?  Blawgletter can’t.  So — intending no disrespect — we wrote alternative lyrics for a gathering of general counsel, calling the result Troll Ride:

Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’

He’s gone patent trollin’

To get those royalties flowin’


Chips and phones and software

What the heck does he care?

As long as he gets the patents cheap.

Inventors do inventin’

Sellers do the sellin’

He trolls for patents on IP.

File a case, sue ‘em good

Sue ‘em good, file a case

File a case, sue ‘em good


Cut ‘em out, settle quick

Settle quick, cut ‘em out

Cut ‘em out, settle quick


He’ll keep suin’, suin’, suin’

But offer a license to ’em

Get those royalties sluicin’


Don’t try to understand it

Don’t seek to comprehend it

You’ll end up in psychotherapy.

His investors want their money

To them it tastes like honey

Just pay him and he will set you free.



Barry Barnett

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