The highly logical Mr. Spock
feared wormholes.

Blawgletter recalls a Star Trek episode in which the denizens of the Starship Enterprise encountered a wormhole that connected two parallel universes.  One consisted of matter, the other anti-matter.  And, as Mr. Spock said, allowing them to touch one another would result in absolute, complete, total annihilation of both.

The show came to mind today as we read editorials, in the NYT and the WSJ, about the tossing of cases against a couple of Guantanamo Bay residents.  Earlier this week, military judges dismissed the charges, without prejudice, because the charges classified the inmates as "enemy combatants" instead of "unlawful enemy combatants". 

The NYT editorial saw the dismissals as suggesting that "the special detention system is so fundamentally corrupt that the only solution is to tear it down and start again."  The WSJ piece, by contrast, described the rulings as drawing "a pedantic distinction."

NYT matter v. WSJ anti-matter.  Let’s hope they don’t find a wormhole to meet in.

Barry Barnett

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