Blawgletter doesn’t know whether The Washington Post columnist Dan Froomkin leans left or right, but we’d guess from today’s piece that he won’t likely get (or accept) a delegate’s slot at the Republican Party National Convention in Minnesota next year. 

Mr. Froomkin entitles his November 16 offering as "Bush’s Other War:  on the Courts".  Ouchie!

Good thing he writes well, if provocatively.  His first two paragraphs say:

Long after the Iraq war is over — in other words, a long time from now — another of President Bush’s legacies will still be very much with us: the profound rightward turn of the federal judiciary in general and the Supreme Court in particular.

So last night’s 25th anniversary gala for the Federalist Society, complete with a keynote from Bush himself, was an orgy of self-celebration. Membership in (or at least affiliation with) the reactionary legal group is practically a requirement for Bush appointees to the bench or top legal jobs.

Dan, we admire your spunk.  Come guest blog sometime here at Blawgletter.

Barry Barnett

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