Blawgletter has noticed an inverse relationship between exercising and our girth.  The revelation has led us to explore ways for exploiting it, preferably without any discomfort or other unpleasantness.  And we think we;ve discovered a way.

The method, which we call the Starbucks diet, works best in suburban areas of your larger cities — your Dallases, your Houstons, your Philadelphias, Chicagos, Bostons, and San Franciscos.  First:  Go to a Starbucks coffee shop.  Order a coffee beverage that does NOT contain cream, caramel, sugar, or any other high-calorie or high-fat ingredient.  Second:  Walk as you sip your espresso, skim cappuccino, or plain coffee of the day to the next Starbucks or the one after that.  Do not enter any Starbucks if you have not finished drinking your first caffeine-rich liquid.  Order the same beverage.  Third:  Repeat the first and second steps as many times as you can, perhaps getting an Ethos water and a fruit and cheese plate for your mid-day meal.

The Starbucks diet will take off the flab in no time flat.  It’ll also enhance your alertness.

Barry Barnett

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