Anne Reed proved once again today that she knows her stuff — specifically about persuading a jury.  Her Deliberations blawg gently breaks the news that Blawgletter didn’t make the ABA Journal Blawg Top 100 list by asserting — without a scrap of a shred of proof — that "[a]nyone can see that Blawgletter [and several other blawgs] are better than mine and aren’t on the list."  We didn’t know because we, um, missed the cut-off.

Well done.

We draw two inferences: 

First, that we should vote for Deliberations — and we have — and ought to urge others to do likewise (here) — and we do. 

Second, that we prefer the Justia Law Blawgs rankings, which put us at 45 (out of 2235) in the all time popularity list.  Of course we do.

Barry Barnett

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