Blawgletter’s award-winning sister publication, Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation, has come out with a brand spanking new issue.  The subject matter?  Thank you for asking; the list follows.

1. Top 10 Things to Know About Recognizing and Referring the Big Case.   Learn to spot diamonds in the rough.  Also which gemologists to consult.

2. Did You Know?  Do contingent fee lawyers suffer from "a gross conflict of interests" when they represent governmental entities?  The Wall Street Journal says yes.  They wish. 

3. This Price-Fixing Case Looks Pretty Sweet.  Canada probes chocolate bar makers.

4. Witness, Prepare Thyself — to Get to Know Me!   Bond.  Witness bond.

5.  Hot Lunch.  Right-sizing civil litigation — by letting juries decide.

6.  Objecting Only When Necessary.  Cartoon.

7.  Blawgletter® RoundupLinks to favorite recent posts.

8.  Links & Info.  Er, links and info — what else?

Barry Barnett

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