Yesterday, Blawgletter listed our 10 most popular posts in our inaugural year. Please indulge us now as we reveal the 10 we enjoyed writing most:

10. Banishing Jury Trial.

9. Frosty Bites Nips Dippin’ Dots in Patent Case.

8. Does Tort Litigation Kill People?

7. Tort-O-Rama:  WSJ Attacks "Tort Bar", Tries to Steal Its Lunch Money.

6. Blawg Review No. 118.

5. Voir Dire and Tort Reform.

4. Euripides Pants, Euminides Pants.

3. They Will Be Killed by Us.

2. Antitrust Division Disbands, Declares Competition Safe.

1. Right-Sizing Civil Lawsuits.

Now our start-up year stats:

  • 173,688 views-and-clicks — a daily average of 475.
  • 1,745 high on December 21 and a daily average of 925 in December.
  • 43rd "all time" rank out of 2278 law blogs on

Thank you for viewing and clicking.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  And we’ll have even better stuff in 2008.

Happy New Year one and all!

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