Trolls, trolls, trolls!

The WSJ reports tonight the unmasking of he who cast unrelenting asparagus on patent trolls — Rick Frenkel, director of intellectual property at Cisco Systems.  The asparagus-caster ridiculed patentholders who didn’t "practice" their inventions and instead went around suing the pants off of companies that did.  Including dear Cisco. 

Mr. Frenkel, in the secret guise of Patent Troll Tracker, tossed the green vegetable at the hiding-below-bridges set for quite awhile.  See his coming out post here.

Blawgletter senses a small irony in Mr. Frenkel’s story.  His hiding strikes us as classically troll-like behavior.  Maybe that’s why he seemed to know his enemy so well.

Feedicon_2 Yeah, those dolls freak us out too.