You’ll see plenty of lawyers here.

The ABA Journal reports that, more than any other group, "legal and accounting workers" enjoy gathering at watering holes for off-hours gregariousness.  Within that milieu, 87 percent go to bond, 28 percent to network, and 19 percent to gossip. 

That compares to an average for all survey respondents of 82 percent for the bonding, 20 percent for the networking, and 15 percent for the gossiping, according to a press release by, which commissioned the survey.  The study also found that only 21 percent of all respondents attend happy hours but 35 percent of legal and accounting workers do.

What can we infer about people who toil at law and accounting firms relative to those in other callings?

  1. They are 67 percent more likely to engage in post-work camaraderie.
  2. They are more likely to report multiple reasons for their carousing.

Plus they probably like to drink.