Blawgletter has tried in the last few weeks to use words that have just one or two beats.  We hope you will do the same in the next week.

You will find, we think, that short words pack a lot of punch.  You will see as well that you can go on and on and yet not have to write a word with more than one beat.

More, we ask you to type a list of strong but brief words.  We like verbs the best but think well of nouns, too.  Here — we will give you a start:

Go, do, hit, slap, cry, need, feel, cuff, clap, slam, sling, eat, wish, hope, curl, snarl, swing, tough, snip, ache, hurt, slip, snark, part, lie, place, peal, price, please, pulse, beat, eat, greet, treat, seat, bleat, piece, sense, seem, hurl, cast, don, deal, deed, dish, dwell, deem, halt, grin, grasp, cur, cup, crease, charm, chap, choke, slay, sneeze, sip, dip, rip, flip, trip, bat, foul, pitch, dream, moon, craft, draft, drift, shift, smell, quell, spit, steep, bounce, brag, breach, break, brew, bowl, move, love, drove, loathe, coax, bet, call, crawl, creep, box, bless, bog, gripe, grease, goad, grip, quip, ship, top, tip, lift, shop, ship, shape, slope, probe, push, press, grade, gull, grill, fill, spill, pull, punt, pant, rant, faint, bill, bounce, trounce, gleam, grip, and draw.

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