Bloomberg reports today the results of a survey on how much Americans like business execs, insurance companies, banks, and — yes — the folks who work in the Capitol.  Just look:

  • 54 percent feel unhappy about banks
  • 57 percent dislike Wall Street, a little or a lot
  • 65 percent distrust business executives
  • 67 percent disdain Congress
  • 70 percent admit to bad thoughts about insurance companies


  • 75 percent see losses of jobs as a "high threat".
  • 90 percent believe middle class people will have to make sacrifices to cut the federal budget deficit

Think about the numbers next time you pick a jury.  You'll find a lot of folks in distress.  They'll have little patience for anyone who wastes their time, complains about trivialities, or tries to hide bad facts.  And you'll need to work as hard as you ever have — harder — to earn their trust.  Go do it.