Walter Brennan (1894-1974) played Will Sonnett.

In 1967, at the tender age of eight, Blawgletter started watching a new TV western, The Guns of Will Sonnett. It lasted two seasons. We loved it.

The namesake of Will Sonnett handled a pistol as well as any man alive. He revealed his skill by citing his son ("the third-best shot in the West"), his grandson (no. 2), and then himself ("I'm better'n both of 'em"). He added: "No brag, just fact."

Which leads us to this fact:

Vault just named our firm, Susman Godfrey, the no. 1 litigation boutique in these United States.

Not by a small margin. The Vault survey gives SG a 45.6 score. Which eclipses the second-place firm by 19.5 points.

No brag.