BBar, shuffling papers.

BBar (above, before the surgery) both posts on Blawgletter and edits the award-winning monthly newsletter, Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation, for his hugely prestigious business trial law firm.  That, Blawgletter suggests, reflects the extreme intelligence (and personal magnetism) of the readership.  BBar salutes you!

This post gives Blawgletter’s smartest (and best-looking) readers a personal (and meaningful) heads up on the likely contents of the forthcoming March 2007 issue of Barnett’s Notes.  To wit:

  • Law + Web Log + Letter.  Trademarkable?  BBar likes to think so.
  • Did You Know?  The utter failure of arbitration as alternative to lawsuits.
  • Antitrust, Boom and Bust.  The weird wisdom of Abe Simpson.
  • Cable, Cable & Cable.  The cable antitrust case and its connection to South Pacific.
  • Roundup:  Concrete discovery, ERISA class actions, woperpygmies, the MLK dream, and deepening insolvency.
  • Hot Lunch.  Another Boure story.
  • Cartoon.

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