A senior partner in the number one litigation boutique in the country, Barry Barnett handles cases from coast to coast for both plaintiffs and defendants.

He concentrates on high-stakes business disputes,  particularly ones involving antitrust, oil and gas, and intellectual property. He has remarkable depth in financial markets, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, computer chips and software, class actions, and air transportation.

Barry enjoys sharing risk with clients through hybrid, flat, and contingent fee arrangements, which align his interests with those of the people he represents.

You can see some examples of the kinds of cases that Barry takes on below.


  • price-fixing cartels
  • monopolization
  • allocation of markets and customers between competitors
  • price discrimination
  • predatory conduct
  • class actions and opt-out plaintiffs

Oil and Gas

  • joint development agreements
  • seismic data
  • oilfield services
  • royalties
  • partnerships

Intellectual Property

  • standard-essential patents
  • wireless telephony
  • pharmaceutical distribution
  • GPS technology
  • microprocessors
  • software