Does that guy on the horse have a law degree?

Nathan Koppel of the WSJ has an interesting article out this morning — Big Law Firms Try New Idea:  The True CEO.  It makes a nice contrast to recent buzz about lawyer-CEOs at public companies.

Mr. Koppel tells about lawyers who give up their practices to become full-time managers at law firms.  He notes that traditionally managing partners also practice at least part time, retaining the professional respect of fellow partners and better conveying a firm’s commitment to professionalism.

An earlier article in the WSJ speaks of another lawyer-as-CEO trend — one in which the lawyers give up their practices to run NYSE and other large companies, especially ones in trouble.  See summary here.

Blawgletter wonders what the dual lawyer-CEO trend means.  Can lawyers herd cats as well as (or even better than) non-lawyers (1) in law firms or (2) other kinds of enterprises?


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