Robert Barnes reports in The Washington Post today that not everyone agrees with Chief Justice Roberts’s analysis of judicial pay:

"What should we say about a Chief Justice who suggests that it is a ‘constitutional crisis’ if Congress takes advantage of its constitutional prerogatives to refuse to raise the salaries of federal judges?" University of Texas law professor Sanford V. Levinson asked on the legal blog Balkinization. "As it happens, I agree with him that pay raises are long overdue, but not necessarily for members of the US Supreme Court, frankly, who have cushy jobs and are treated like kings and queens."

Matthew J. Franck chimed in on National Review Online: "According to the chief, things are bad enough that we have a ‘constitutional crisis that threatens to undermine the strength and independence of the federal judiciary.’ In a word: balderdash."

Blawgletter likes the word balderdash but would never use it to describe an utterance by the Chief Justice.

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