If these stones could talk, would they
whisper "go to Durrington Walls, nitwit"?

Stonehenge never fascinated Blawgletter much.  Ancient druids?  Tree-worshipers?  Pish-paw.

But, according to the Los Angeles Times, Blawgletter should have shown more tolerance.  A story reports that archeologists found a nearby site (at Durrington Walls) that may have housed solstice-celebrating human party animals, casting new light on Stonehenge’s purpose.

How does Durrington Walls relate to business trial law?  By underscoring the provisional nature of incomplete evidence.  We can guess all we want; but, as Steve Susman says, the proof of the pudding comes with the eating.  Why else would we love the alimentary thrill of trying cases?  Joy!

Barry Barnett

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