Blawgletter’s college coevals (circa 1977-81) approached gender issues very carefully.  A writer for the daily paper — which "I know it when I see it" Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once chaired — lampooned the up-tightness, penning an article in which he expressed anxiety about calling a woman . . . a woman.  The "man" in "woman" struck him as implying distaff inferiority, and so he proposed using a sex-neutral substitute.  He rejected "person" because of the "son" and at last latched onto "pygmy" as a replacement for "son" in "person".  Hence "woperpygmy".

Blawgletter felt that the article masterfully used humor to deal with a serious, and at times grim, subject.  But Blawgletter cannot locate the article or recall the author’s name.  Any help?


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