Would these guys acquit Scooter Libby?

Blawgletter has decided that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby’s counsel should do what almost all criminal defense lawyers do — allow their clients to remain silent.  The jury in the U.S. v. Libby perjury and obstruction of justice trial has heard hours of Mr. Libby’s 2004 testimony to a grand jury.  Importantly, they listened to the same government lawyer — prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald — elicit the possibly damning testimony before the grand jury.

Blawgletter imagines that either the 12 citizens in the box doubt Mr. Fitzgerald or they have bonded with him and adore him and love his voice.  If the former, Mr. Libby will win.  If the latter, well, Mr. Libby’s subjecting himself to cross-examination won’t help and even could turn the tide against him.

Barry Barnett

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