A group of Texas Rangers.  "One riot, one Ranger"
has become the Rangers’ motto.

Blawgletter has gotten many a nervous laugh from out of state folks by claiming that Texas law requires a homeowner to use deadly force against a trespasser.  Blawgletter meant to poke fun at our no-retreat rule — which allows you to shoot someone who threatens you in your home even if you could safely defuse the situation — and at the Lone Star State’s, uh, impatience with low-lifes.

But testosterone may have outpaced Blawgletter’s mirth.  According to the LA Times, the Texas legislature may soon pass a "stand your ground" law that extends the no-retreat rule to vehicles and places of bidness.  Big majorities in both houses favor the bill.

Put Blawgletter down as among those who worry less about injuries to pride than about macho men answering insults by spraying bullets.  Real Texans don’t back away from necessary fights, but neither do they over-react.  As the Texas Rangers say, "one riot, one Ranger."

Barry Barnett

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