Harvard’s 28th President.

Blawgletter never tires of tweaking the WSJ — not least for its, um, distinctive editorial point of view.  Fresh cause for making the fun comes today, as Harvard (in the Journal’s word) "taps" the first female president in its nearly quadricentennial history.

What prompts Blawgletter to chuckle?  The Journal’s failure to mention ary a one of the women who now head fully half of the Ancient Eight in its authoritative 2006 listing of "The 50 Women to Watch".  See the WSJ’s choices here.

One might forgive the Journal’s oversight as a result of an habitual focus on matters commercial, except that the 50 also include women leaders in government and philanthropy.  Plus the "The" invites a ribbing.

Oh, yes.  Blawgletter also wishes to congratulate Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard’s new prexy — and will do so in the words of a song that we would on any other occasion die a hideous and painful death before singing:

Illegitimum non Carborundum; Domine salvum fac.
Illegitimum non Carborundum; Domine salvum fac.
Gaudeamus igitur!
Veritas non sequitur?
Illegitimum non Carborundum–Ipso facto!

Barry Barnett

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