Look for the March 2007 issue of Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation on Tuesday, February 6, 2007 here.

In This Issue

1.  Law + Web Log + Letter.  Trademarkable?  Your Editor likes to think so.

2.  Did You Know?  The utter failure of arbitration as alternative to lawsuits.

3.  Antitrust, Boom and Bust.  With an appearance by Abe Simpson.

4.  Cable, Cable & Cable.  The cable antitrust case and its connection to South Pacific.

5.  Roundup.  Arbitragation, concrete discovery, ERISA class actions, woperpygmies, the MLK dream, and deepening insolvency. 

6.  Hot Lunch.  Another Boure story — about self-indulgence.

7. The Modern Buccaneers (1888).  Cartoon.

Barry Barnett, Editor