SDRAMs.  Not SRAMs.  Totally different.

The price of Rambus stock leapt 24 percent today after the Federal Trade Commission issued a 3-2 ruling on remedies for Rambus’s manipulation of a standard-setting organization.  See story.

The FTC found in July 2006 that Rambus should have told the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council about Rambus patent applications regarding synchronous dynamic random access memory chips or SDRAMs.

The FTC’s order requires Rambus to license SDRAM technology for up to 0.5 percent on DDR SDRAMs and no more than 0.25 percent on plain SDRAMs. 

Access the FTC press release, Commissioner opinions, and the final order here.

Rambus announced that it will appeal the ruling, but Blawgletter suspects that Rambus likes the result better than it lets on.

Barry Barnett

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