Okay, so Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation won a Grand Prize award last year for best law firm newsletter.  Big deal.  That doesn’t mean you should bother to read it.

And yet. 

You may just find that you like it.  Stories and features have talked about everything from Ockham’s Razor, Catch 22, and rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot to the Battle of Agincourt, The Da Vinci Code, and Curb Your Enthusiasm — all on the way to making a point about business trial law.  Indeed, gentle reader, Barnett’s Notes spares no effort to connect, for your enjoyment, the unlinkable.

Take a minute to check it out.  Don’t cost nothin.  And, if you don’t like Barnett’s Notes, you can always go back to Googling your name every 15 minutes.  Cheers!

Barry Barnett

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