Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation won the Advocatus Diaboli’s Grand Prize for best law firm newsletter in 2006.

If you like Blawgletter, you’ll love Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation, the monthly newsletter of Susman Godfrey L.L.P.  The April 2007 issue includes:

1.  Sisyphus, Catch-22, and The Walk of Life.  Disparate comparisons illustrate the persuasive value of analogies.

2.  Did You Know?  We got awards. 

3.  Misunderestimating Opponents.  Doncha do it.

4.  Cappin’ Crunch.  Cap-and-trade as remedy for pollution.

5.  Roundup.  Links to favorite Blawgletter posts.

6.  Hot Lunch.  We help stop pollution.  For free.  In Texas!

7.  Biosphere 3.  Cartoon.

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Barry Barnett

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