Blawgletter could wax gloomy about the challenges confronting the rule of law these days — tort reform, the corrosive effect of politics on the justice system, long hours, waning prestige, and tort reform.  But we choose a happier theme on this the 49th annual Law Day.

Sure, the NYT today grumped about how, in its view, the administration "continues to trample on civil liberties in the war on terror and stands by an attorney general who has politicized the Justice Department to a shocking degree."  And, over at The Washington Post, Ruth Marcus fussed about what she sees as "the hollowness of the president’s Law Day rhetoric".  The WSJ meanwhile spilled no ink at all on Law Day — except to poke some fun at it on Law Blog.

None of the negativity can dampen Blawgletter’s cheer today.  For already we see, hurrying towards us, better days for the rule of law.  We just wish they’d hurry a little faster. 

Barry Barnett

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