What happens when you get cocaine on your currency?  Bad things, man.  Bad things.

Just ask David Aguasviva.  Testing of the $487,825 that New Jersey officers found during a traffic stop showed that the cash "had been around large quantities of cocaine."  The government got a default judgment in its action for forfeiture of the money, and Mr. Aguasviva tried without success to get the district court to set the judgment aside.  The Third Circuit affirmed, noting Mr. Aguasviva’s failure to state, under oath, persactly what interest he had in the bills.  United States v. $487,825.00 in United States Currency, No. 06-3138 (3d Cir. May 3, 2007).

Blawgletter can understand Mr. Aguasviva’s reluctance.  Perhaps next time he’ll remember not to get the powder diamonds, the Serpico 21, the weasel dust, the California cornflakes on the dough.

Barry Barnett

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