Blawgletter has once in awhile mentioned the (cough) less assertive (cough cough) antitrust enforcement (cough cough cough) that we’ve seen since January 2001 (cough cough cough ack). 

The NYT — with its gift for understatement — writes today about the pass that Microsoft has gotten from the current Antitrust Division, a part of Fredo Gonzales’s Department of Justice:

“With the change in administrations there has been a sharp falling away from the concerns about how Microsoft and other large companies use their market power,” said Harry First, a professor at the New York University School of Law and the former top antitrust lawyer for New York State who is writing a book about the Microsoft case.  “The administration has been very conservative and far less concerned about single-firm dominant behavior than previous administrations.”

Thomas O. Barnett oversees the Antitrust Division. 

No relation (cough oop ack).  Cough oop ack, indeed. 

Barry Barnett

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