The U.S. Supreme Court issued five decisions this morning:

Watson v. Philip Morris Cos., Inc., No. 05-1284 — ordering remand of "light" cigarette case to state court.

Long Island Care at Home, Ltd. v. Coke, No. 06-593 — holding third-party employer of home care workers exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act.

United States v. Atlantic Research Corp., No. 06-562 — Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act allows potentially responsible persons to sue other potentially responsible persons for cleanup costs.

Fry v. Pliler, No. 06-5247 — something about habeas.

Beck v. PACE Int’l Union, No. 05-1448 — concluding that merger of an ERISA plan with another plan doesn’t qualify as a permissible method of terminating the plan.

Barry Barnett

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