Dear Blawgers and Blawg Fans:

  • Have you posted funny stuff on your blawg lately?
  • Has a recent blawg post tickled you?
  • Do you think Gold Hat did, in fact, need a stinking badge?

If you answered any of the questions "yes" or "uh, give me a second", Blawgletter begs your assistance in making Blawg Review No. 118, which we will host starting on Monday, July 23, the bestest Blawg Review yet.  Clue us in to legal humor on the blawgosphere so we can share it with the wider world.

The Blawg Review folks provide handy-dandy Submission Guidelines.  We haven’t actually read them, but we feel confident that they qualify as both handy and dandy.

Thank you for your help.

Barry Barnett

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