Do you ever tire of reading federal court of appeals opinions?  How about Blawgletter’s handy-dandy encapsulizations of same?  If you do — and nobody would blame you — perhaps you ought to try beer pong.

In today’s WSJ, Shelly Banjo (awesome name!) gives the low-down on "the popular campus drinking game".  Ms. Banjo helpfully includes a video and graphics that show different ponging techniques — the "Lob", the "Bounce", and the "Straight Shot".  She ends by noting this about a law student and his buddy, Brandon Best:

[They] recently spent $3,000 of their college graduation money to launch Upong Outfitters, a line of what they call "classy" beer-pong polo shirts to sell online and at tournaments. Meantime, Mr. Best is studying for a December Law School Admission Test to prepare for what he calls his "backup career" as a lawyer.


We presume that one could also take the law-to-pong career path.  Something to think about, eh? 

Barry Barnett

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