A wit scrawled the title of this post in a library carrel.  It plays on two Greek names — Euripides and Euminides — and makes sense only if you say it out loud.  You-rip-a-dese pants, you-men[d]-a-dese pants.

Blawgletter wishes that Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson had the wit to heed the common sense of the collegian’s graffiti.  Judge Pearson claimed that a cleaner lost his pants.  Fine.  Ask for, and accept, a replacement pair or the money to get one.  But don’t demand $54 million.

He did anyway.  And now he’s appealed from an order dismissing his case.

Euripides wrote that those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.  Meaning crazy.  Because only a nut would do what Judge Pearson has done.  Law gods, go get him.

Barry Barnett

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