Kang and Kodos hitch-hiking.  Alberto Gonzales plans to go the opposite direction.

Blawgletter gets the impression that the editors at the NY Times penned today’s piece — on the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales a few hours after he announced it — between rounds of high fives.  The swiftness, detail, and tone of their bill of particulars suggest deep satisfaction.

With the fetching title "The House Lawyer Departs", the lead editorial commences thus:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has finally done something important to advance the cause of justice.  He has resigned.

It doesn’t get any nicer — mentioning as it does the "many scandals Gonzales has left behind", the "craven politics" of his Justice Department, his "frequent" "misstatements and memory lapses", his failure to "stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law", and his sign-off "on the administration’s repugnant, and disastrous, torture policy", among other condign offenses.

Meanwhile, over at Salon.com, Sidney Blumenthal ascribes Fredo’s decision to the earlier flight of "puppet master" Karl Rove.  "When the puppet master departed," he writes, "the puppet collapsed in a heap."  (Mixing metaphors, Blumenthal also suggests that Rove played Michael Corleone to Gonzales’s feckless Fredo.)

Here at Blawgletter, we do not rue the loss of this AG.  No.  We count it a blessing.  But please, dear God, maker of heaven and earth, tell the President to appoint an honest, smart, and fair replacement.  You know — a real lawyer.

Barry Barnett

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