Nominee Mukasey and President Bush.

Yesterday, Blawgletter posed a question:  "Olson Out, Mukasey In as AG Nominee?"  Today we got our answer.


You can read President Bush’s remarks here.  Plus a White House "Fact Sheet:  Michael Mukasey:  A Strong Attorney General" here.

Early news reports suggested that opposition will come, if at all from the right side of the aisle.  The NYT noted "wariness" due to Democratic praise and a liberal advocacy group’s support for the nominee.  And the WSJ pointed out that Mr. Mukasey’s lack of "political partisan" credentials "has troubled conservatives."

But FOX News cleared that right up:

Before the nomination, several conservatives had said they were concerned about any candidate who would be suitable to the liberal Schumer. But in a series of conference calls Sunday, conservative groups decided not to oppose Mukasey’s nomination. Potential conservative opponents had been assured that Mukasey would play no role, or a very limited one, in filling any Supreme Court vacancy.

Conservative groups also decided Bush had no political capital left to fight for anyone but a Democratic-approved nominee. As a result, Mukasey is off to a good start and won’t have to endure the same criticism that accompanied the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, Bush’s former White House counsel.

FOX News also disclosed that the Republican National Committee has now "offered its endorsement" of the candidate.

If the Senate confirms Mr. Mukasey — perhaps we should say when — he will become the 81st Attorney General of the United States.

Barry Barnett

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