On that horrible day
Marred by gunfire and violence
Down by the quay
The bustle of Boston was replaced by silence
What could’ve easily been avoided but nay!
Five people set down to lay,
never to get back up for another day

On a modest Massachusetts afternoon
With street peddlers adding to the tune
The tune of wondrous life
Cut short by needless strife
The words “FIRE!”
Not to add to this happy satire
What ended as a massacre started a war
A war to go down in lore
Not just a war but a revolution
For us to kick-start our evolution

One shot turned to a fusillade
With less than a curt nod
Farms became militias
And militias became an army
But the reasons weren’t malicious!
No, we did what we had too to survive
And at the end we arrived
At the dawn of a new age
And it all started down by the quay…

James Barnett

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