Remember the telephone game?  Your kindergarten teacher sat the girls and the boys around in a circle.  She cupped her hand and quietly said a message into the first one’s ear.  She told everyone to whisper the same words to the next person, making sure not to let anyone overhear.

What started as "a robin sings" turns into "a bird sings" and then "a bird chirps", "a brad hurts", "spad mertz" and "glad works".  We all laughed when teacher compared the input with the output.

Blawgletter marvels that people (who also went to kindergarten and played the telephone game) still accept third, fourth, and fifth hand information as useful, much less accurate.  Removing the bother of a warrant allows otherwise mature people to maintain the illusion that invading citizens’ privacy actually helps.  Well, it doesn’t help.  It hurts.

Barry Barnett

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