The NYT reports today that government lawyers okayed the CIA’s harshest interrogation methods shortly after Alberto Gonzales took over as America’s chief defender of the rule of law. 

Imagine Blawgletter’s surprise.

We admit to enjoying the part about an exchange between James B. Comey and David S. Addington over a "torture" memo by John Yoo.  Mr. Comey said that "no lawyer" could find Mr. Yoo’s arguments persuasive.  When Mr. Addington pointed to his law degree and said the arguments convinced him, Mr. Comey clarified that he meant "no good lawyer".  Hacha!

For the White House reaction to the report, lookie here.

In other news, a Hennepin County judge concluded today that Senator Larry Craig made an "accurate, voluntary and intelligent" decision to admit his guilt of disorderly conduct in a Minneapolis/St. Paul airport bathroom.

Barry Barnett

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