Would this feline bite the hand that pets it (and puts a frog head on its noggin)?  We hope so.

Blawgletter continues our hot-and-heavy love affair with the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal.  Who could blame us?

Take today as a for instance.  Under the heading "Tinkering With Toys", the guardians of American bidness mock a Democratic Senator’s efforts to give more oomph — a lot more oomph — to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  His bill, the editorial notes, would provide rewards for whistleblowing and allow fines up to $100 million.  The editors’ principal complaint?  That increasing CPSC resources would discourage bidness’s "strong" "appetite" for "self-policing".  Plus, they assert — with a charming failure to cite evidence — that "[p]rosecutions would rise, while actual enforcement would fall."  And that the bill "would protect lawyers more than children."

Our ardor of course permits us to overlook small matters of illogic and unreality.  It’s okay shnookie-wookie!  But still we wonder why so many lawyers who defend the interests of capital purr while the hands that pet them also try to ring their necks. 

For our part, we arch our back at the attention and adore it.  But we at least know that our strokers don’t love us, not really.

Barry Barnett

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