You can now see the February 2008 issue of Barnett’s Notes on Commercial Litigation.  Which actually won a grand prize award last year for law firm newsletters.

The new issue — available via email subscription — features:

  • Affidvaits Cast Light on Dark Chocolate Plot.  Did confectionary giants fix prices on the food of the gods?
  • Did You Know?  A new law encourages an unlikely source of help for the tax man — private citizens.
  • Depression Confession.  Help for lawyers who suffer.
  • Un-Subpriming the Investment Pump.  Wall Street and friends have made a fine mess of credit markets.  Guess who gets to clean it up?
  • Hot Lunch.  A tort reform group positions itself to sue anybody who dares use its "judicial hellhole" trademark.
  • The Cycle.  Cartoon.
  • Blawgletter Roundup.  Links to favorite recent posts.
  • Links & Info.  Er — links and info — what else?

Happy New Year!

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