Yesterday Blawgletter posted Tort Reform and the Right to Jury Trial, in which we took a commenter on the WSJ Law Blog to task for calling a jury in a securities fraud trial "too stupid to do the right thing" and for citing their $280 million verdict as "[e]xhibit one in our effort to abolish jury trials."

We detailed, with righteous indignation, How Wrong He Was! 

Turns out the commenter — who goes by the sobriquet "Tort Reform" — dabbles, shall we say, in satire.  He deploys sarcasm, uses mockery, and even trucks in irony and ridicule.  He in truth abhors his namesake and offers multitudinous comments that take the positions of tort reformers to their logical conclusions and beyond.  He does it so well that the formidable Point of disses him as "persistently disruptive" and us as "gullible".

Yes, we have the red face.  A crimson one even.  From embarrassment?  We must say no.  Tort Reform is one funny dude!

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