Geoffrey Chaucer — he of the prurient Miller’s Tale and indeed all of The Canterbury Tales in fourteenth century England — invented many of the legends to which we owe what we now celebrate on February 14 as Valentine’s Day.  Blawgletter wishes you a most happy and, er, productive one.

On this joyous occasion we wish also to announce that, in the next few weeks, we expect to unveil a sleeker, cleaner, and even usefuler Blawgletter design.

The innovation in layout and features coincides with a repurposing that careful readers will have already noticed the beginnings of.  Blawgletter started life with a tagline that said "business trial law with a sense of humor".  We’ve now drawn a tighter focus such that most of our posts — though by now means all — will center on "contingent business law" (still, we hope, with a sense of humor).  By which we mean to look at business and commercial litigation from the perspective of a trial lawyer who handles most such cases on a contingent or other risk-sharing arrangement.

We think you’ll like the result.

Feedicon14x14 Our feed can’t wait to see the new design!