Adam Liptak penned a Sidebar column today on a study of the influence that each of the 50 or so state supreme courts exerts over its brethren and sisteren. The big winner? The Golden State’s highest court — yes, the Supreme Court of California.

How did Blawgletter’s home state judicial Olympians fare? Not so great. For the period 1940 through 2005, the Supreme Court of Texas ranks fourteenth despite sitting in the second biggest (after Alaska) and second most populous (behind California).

Now for the worse news: The court’s standing fell to twentieth if one takes only 1986 through 2005 into account. One wonders how well the court would’ve done for 1940-1985 if 1986-2005 hadn’t dragged down the ranking for the long sweep of 1940-2005.

We feel certain that Their Honors have an excellent explanation.