Something, plainly, has roused the worry of dominant firms.  Witness today's WSJ — that stalwart of bigness and friend of the status quo — which featured these headlines:

Section 2 of the Sherman Act: Back from the Nearly Dead

Deals of the Day: Obama's Aggressive Antitrust Stance

Video: Day Ahead: Telecoms Under Antitrust Scrutiny

Tech Today: Teen iPhone Hackers, Antitrust Threat for Telecoms, More

Telecoms Face Antitrust Threat

U.S. Revives Section 2 of Antitrust Act

Sports Monopolies Raise Prices for Fans, Limit Opportunities

Blawgletter can't recall a friendly word for the Sherman Act in the pages of the WSJ.  Ever.  Indeed, one of its columnists rails against the criminality of price-fixing, urging that conspiracies that aim to thwart competition more often than not promote it.

But still — look at all that WSJ ink.  Do the facts justify the dread?
UPDATE:  Oops, he — the columnist – did it again.