The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ordered today that its seven members will gather for the next argument session on November 19 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Their Honors will hear from lawyers in, by Blawgletter's count, 16 potential MDL matters.

By the way, we confess to error in guessing the Panel would head south for this gathering.  You can't get a whole lot farther north in the lower 48 than the Ames Courtroom at Harvard Law School.

Further by the way, the numbers have come in for the last set of MDL cases.  By circuit and district court:

First Circuit


Second Circuit

Southern District of New York (2)
Western District of New York

Third Circuit

District of New Jersey

Fourth Circuit

District of Maryland

Fifth Circuit

Northern District of Texas (2)

Sixth Circuit


Seventh Circuit

Southern District of Illinois

Eighth Circuit

District of Minnesota
Western District of Missouri

Ninth Circuit

District of Arizona
Central District of California
Southern District of California

Tenth Circuit


Eleventh Circuit

Northern District of Alabama
Northern District of Georgia (2)

D.C. Circuit