They did it!  The folks who create Super Lawyers have parsed their data to see which law schools produce the most promotion-worthy lawyers.  The top 10 list follows:

    Rank Law School

Harvard Law School


University of Michigan Law School


The University of Texas School of Law


University of Virginia School of Law


Georgetown University Law Center


New York University School of Law


Columbia Law School


University of Florida Levin College of Law


University of California Berkeley School of Law – Boalt Hall


Yale Law School

Blawgletter fancies some will fuss that the ranking system overstates the throw weight of big law schools on a lawyer-for-lawyer basis.  We can already hear the Yale law alums griping that Harvard graduates THREE TIMES as many as the New Haven school generates each year (circa 600 v. circa 200).

Do the numbers add up?  Super Lawyers lists 3,568 HLS grads and 1,091 from YLS.  Go figure.

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