The Federal Communications Commission sits at the cutting edge of just about everything — technological, commercial, litigationalcompetitional, sportal, social, moral.  Even our mouse proclaims its Commission blessing.

Exciting stuff, yes?

Today, the fussbudgets on the D. C. Circuit held that the 3-2 Commissioners in 2008 stepped over their bounds in whacking Comcast for what the court called "network management practices."  The biggest U.S. cable firm had thwarted certain of its Internet service users' hogging of Comcast's Internet bandwidth.  These subscribers sent and received billions of bits of data to and from each other, using "peer-to-peer" methods that bypass servers but may slow other users' more modest Internet forays.

The panel ruled for Comcast on the ground that the FCC lacked statutory authority to compel Comcast and its like to lay off big bit consumers, in the name of "net neutrality".  Comcast Corp. v. Federal Communications Com'n, No. 08-1291 (D.C. Cir. Apr. 6, 2010).