Happy 2011, y'all. 

If you feel a wee bit sluggish on the first Monday of the New Year, don't fret.  All of us have a touch of it.  March forward.  It will pass.

Blawgletter feels something else today.  The red face thing.  Blushing.  Because before now we hadn't given you a link on our Blawgroll to one of the best blogs on juries, jury research, and jury trials:  The Jury Room.

Our friend Doug Keene (of Keene Trial Consulting out of Austin, Texas) runs the thing, with ample help from Rita Handrich.

We'd somehow missed The Jury Room until we studied the winners of ABA Journal's Blawg 100 for 2010.  And there, in the "Niche" group, we found Doug's splendid blog.  We urge you to check it out.

Also, by the way, check out Doug's trial consulting skills.  Dr. Keene aided us with a case that went to verdict not long ago, so we know of what we speak.  Doug did a terrific, first-class job.  And we enjoyed working with him.  So will you.