Scene: An office near Ground Zero. Way up high. Perhaps in 40 Wall Street. Which has that awesome Duane Reade store on the ground floor. Some place posh in the area no matter what.

Snappy: Did you know, Bitey, that people could insure themselves against risks they Do Not Have?

Bitey: When, in the course of human events, one people may dissolve the political bands which have connected them to another.

Snappy: Right. You value Freedom. Like contract-freedom, such as those dear oh-so-smart Justices who wrote about it in Lochner. True that!

Bitey: And to assume among the powers of the Earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and Nature's own God entitle them.

Snappy: Thank you for not leaving a preposition at the end of what you just said.

Bitey: A decent respect to the opinion of womankind requires them to declare the causes of the separation.

Snappy: You have once again made my point about gender-neutral stuff, Bitey! How I adore you.

Bitey: I mainly regret not knowing the rest. The we hold these truths self-evident part for some reason escapes me just now.

Snappy: Don't worry, Bitey-meister. Jamie Dimon sings those words better than you can think! He knows from truth, let me tell you, whose cogitation I value and fear above that of all others.

Bitey: What a dork. We all know that credit default swaps have both a good function (hedging risk for bets you've in fact made on, for instance, a real firm's actual bonds) and a nutty risky one (making crazy gambles on debt as to which you have no risk at all). Will Dimon at last confess that his bank deserves to forfeit any right to write credit default swaps? Because if he won't I'd like to beat the [unclear words here] him.

Snappy: Alrighty then, Bitey. You rock. Let's go see Wicked!

Fade to Snappy and Bitey riding a taxi towards Broadway. Not to see Spiderman. Something else for sure.