DoggiePeople love dogs. At least some people do. Others adore cats. A few cherish both. Yet others go ga-ga over more exotic beasts. And they hate to see them suffer and grieve when they die.

The Supreme Court of Texas today shared the pain of critter-lovers across the Lone Star State, even citing a movie that broke many a young Texan's heart — Old Yeller. But the Court-as-empath didn't translate into a ruling that the tragic loss of a pet entitles the owner to damages for the mental hurt that results. Strickland v. Medlen, No. 12-0047 (Tex. Apr. 5, 2012).

Chief Justice Wallace and Justice Johnson declined to join in part II-C, which dealt with what the legislature might do, and the Chief Justice also shunned footnote 58, which listed types of potentially recoverable damages, of Justice Willett's opinion for an otherwise unanimous Court.

The Court also issued a bundle of other opinions, which you can access here.